Bologna in Lettere 10th – Sonia Laura Armaniaco – Expandable and fragile


Bologna in Lettere 10th – Azione 5

International review of poetry, video art and sonopoems

a cura di Maria Korporal, Eugenia Dobrova, Enzo Campi


Giovedì 23 Settembre

Première Ore 21.15 sul canale youtube del Festival



Sonia Laura Armaniaco 

Expandable and fragile



– Synopsis: Even if until now we have not had time for peace,
it is necessary to take on the committment to heal ourselves,
so it could be reflected on society, the world as so the earth.

– Brief bio:
her work mailnly expressed in audiovisuals is the field where
she operates, her work, including live performances, has been
shown in various places in Europe and United States, for
details, in case of interest, pls go to her page on Vimeo:
During the last year her videos were selected for the
following events:
BOLOGNA IN LETTERE 2021- Arte-Fatti Contemporanei.
IX Edition – OnLine Festival.
TIME Is Love.12 [Show 4] – Universal Feelings Myths and
Conjuctions. WE Open Space – Vienna.
WHITE FRAME_ The Nightlight Screening. Basel.
BOX_Videoart Project Space Milan, Italy, and Oradea.
Interface Night of Museums Oradea, Romania.
Ca ‘Foscari Short Film Festival’ – The Suspended Glance,
Venice. Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor cure and