Bologna in Lettere 10th – Iris Poljan, Rahman HAK-HAGIR – Article 27

Bologna in Lettere 10th

International Multidisciplinary Festival


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Iris Poljan, Rahman HAK-HAGIR

Article 27




Iris Poljan (b. 1989) is a visual artist from Zagreb, Croatia. She studied painting and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb 2009-2014. 

In her art practice she expresses herself in a variety of art forms such as painting, drawing, sewing and mixed media. Inspired by her everyday reality Iris’s artwork focuses on depicting the seemingly small things, she interprets the way people see, communicate and interract with each other.


Solo shows (selection):

Approach (2021, Galerija Matice hrvatske, Zagreb, Croatia)

Point of View / Način gledanja, (2019, Garaža Kamba, Zagreb, Croatia)

Matrice za dialog (2016, City Gallery Fonticus Grožnjan, Croatia)

On My Own Account (2015, VN Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia)

Mož se slikat (2013, POU Zaprešić, Razvid Gallery, Croatia)


Group shows (selection):

SchoK 2021 (Schoorlsekunsten 25th edition, Hoeve Camperduin, Schoorl, the Netherlands), 24-27 September 2021

Pula Open Drawing Biennale / Otvoreni pulski bijenale crteža (Pula, Croatia), 17 September – 6 October 2021

Our Plague Year (Vrijhof, University of Twente, the Netherlands), 15 April – 27 May 2021

100% Vrouw / 100% Woman (2019, Grote of St. Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, the Netherlands), 24 -27 October 2019

SchoK 2019 (Schoorlsekunsten, Schoorl, the Netherlands), 13 – 16 June 2019

Komunikacija (2019,City Gallery Fonticus Grožnjan, Croatia)

Kunst Im Dialog (2018, Roeklturm, Landshut, Germany)

Bridges: NEON (2018, Cultural Centre Novi Sad, Serbia)

21 International exhibition of miniatures (2018, Vršilnica Gallery, Zaprešić, Croatia)

Global Village (2016, Art Zaanstadt, Zaandam, NL, Rathaus, Landshut, DE, Kulturhuset Bronden, DK)

Retrospective -This works could be… (2016, Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia)

ERSTE FRAGMENTI X (2014, Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia)





Rahman HAK-HAGIR Vienna / AUSTRIA Artist Info: RAHMAN HAK-HAGIR (May 15, 1972) is an Austrian-born Vienna based half-afghan conceptual and performance artist focussing on the conflicting priorities between individual and social environment. He is a founding member of the international artist collectives, known as #WE and THE OTHER SOCIETY.


RAHMAN HAK-HAGIR (15 mai 1972) est un artiste conceptuel et la performance d’origine autrichienne basée à Vienne demi-afghan. Actif depuis deux décennies dans des domaines variés de l’art, son travail est récemment concentre sur le conflit priorités entre l’ environnement individuel et social.


RAHMAN HAK-HAGIR (15 Maggio 1972) è un performer e artista concettuale austro afgano che vive e lavora a Vienna. Inizia la sua carriera nel 1990. Attivo da due decadi in vari settori dell’arte, la sua ricerca recentemente si focalizza sulle priorità conflittuali esistenti tra ambiente individuale e sociale.


Artist statement: • “It always was the privilege of comedians to illuminate the king and his court by clues and messages camouflaged behind symbols. My conceptual performative work contributes to all these anonymous jesters who served social evolution and human cohesion across history.” •


“Il privilegio degli attori è sempre stato quello di illuminare il Re e la sua corte con messaggi ed indizi nascosti dietro simboli. La mia ricerca concettuale attraverso la fotografia e la performance vuole essere il prosieguo del lavoro di questi anonimi giullari che, attraverso la storia, hanno contribuito all’evoluzione sociale ed alla coesione umana.


” Critics: „One of my favorite archetypes in literature is the Trickster – a court jester, a master of disguise and a keen observer of social landscapes. Half Austrian, half Afghani artist Rahman Hak-Hagir questions conventional thinking in his conceptual performances, documented in photos and video. In literature, the Trickster serves as a catalyst to move the plot forward. Rahman’s cleverly constructed performances seek to promote new ways of thinking on the socio-political issues of our time by offering up a mirror. Rahman, who is the central figure in most of his theatrical performances, displays a sharp ability to distill complex narratives into simple visuals. Yet, like any good trickster, he challenges status quo with an intellectual wink and an excellent compositional eye. A socially conscious artist, Rahman’s recent works comment on conflicting needs between the individual and the collective. He is also a founding member of the international artist collective “The Other Society”. Rahman’s photographs range from the absurd, to the tragic to the curious. I enthusiastically encourage you to become an early collector of this thinker/trickster.“ – Maryna Hrushetska / Art Advisor, Los Angeles (USA) „The conceptual and performance artist RAHMAN HAK-HAGIR plays with our expectations and our views, which are firmly burnt into our consciousness. His performances hit my art nerve, because they are full of humour on the one hand, but are filled with serious sense, not intended for pleasing on the other hand. I would characterize his works as “the black humour in the art world”. Each of his works challenges me to decipher the artist´s metaphors and to read his mind. The longer I need for this, the more fun I take out of the work. Each work forces me to look at it more than once. That is a good base for art collecting. When you choose an art work, you want to have the feeling that you will always love to look at it and to detect something new in it or that it gives you every day new answers to the questions that move you in life.” – Quoted from “Pure Art & Poor Art. A Collector´s Views.” by Dirk Schmitt / Art Collector, Hamburg (Germany) Official links: (currently offline due to a server update)



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2015 Rahman Hak-Hagir – LA GUERRE & RÉPARATION @ Galleria Alchemia, Dijon, FRANCE Rahman Hak-Hagir – TOP VIEW / VON OBEN @ Museum am Bach, Ruden, AUSTRIA Rahman Hak-Hagir – UNDER_COVER @ Spazio Nour, Milan, ITALY 30 May – SIGER GALLERY LONDON – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Milan, ITALY PLACEBO LOVE – Independent art film festival KINOТЕАТР, Moscow, RUSSIA MUSEUM AM BACH – PERFORMANCE ART WEEK @ Carinthia, AUSTRIA

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2017 TARGET, Public Performance – Vienna, AUSTRIA 7. 9. – Artist Portrait – Daily Outlook, Afghanistan BBC Persia/Afghanistan – Artist Portrait MELE TV, Artist Talk, Kabul, Afghanistan GULBANG Morning Show, Kabul, Afghanistan TOLO NEWS, Kabul, Afghanistan LUMEN – SIFEST26. Venice, ITALY THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE – INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL, Copenhagen, DK

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