Bologna in Lettere 10th – Shivkumar KV – Refugees are Welcome


Bologna in Lettere 10th

International Multidisciplinary Festival


Arte-fatti Contemporanei

(a cura di Maria Korporal)



Shivkumar KV

Refugees are Welcome






Refugee is a word which shakes the brain and bone of any province, almost the Nations exchange peace if there is a need or no deed from the other. The Nation which lived in pomp in yesteryear, may turn fall to the other lands in need of shelter, Love, Care and food. The people are flooding to the other parts around from the home land missing their native, for the basics of life: Food, Clothing and shelter. Refugees are humans too, there is a big need to support them irrespective of Region, Colour or Creed. They are the guests to the nation may live for long or self-evocative to the native. Sanskrit saying is that we should respect the guest wholeheartedly and they are Gods “Athidi Devo Bhavah,” and Sheltering the Homeless.



Short Bio:

Born 1982, A multidisciplinary artist works between Painting, Video, sculpture, installation, photography, writing etc. The Themes or the concept of Art works are inspired by the surroundings or local matters, and also works on Global causes and crises which it touches us. Showed work of art in International venues Like Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Torrence art museum, Odessa biennale, ZKM museum, Ontological Museum etc.