Bologna in Lettere 10th – Pierre Ajavon

Bologna in Lettere 10th



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Pierre Ajavon

Fixing a Hole




Synopsis : By trying to fix a hole we hope to stop our mind from wandering to the other side… Fixing a Hole uses my own lunar films mixed with an experimental electronic music composition including NASA lunar sound recordings.



Short bio : Pierre Ajavon is a Parisian visual artist, composer and musician. After studies in Ethnomusicology and Sociology with a focus on psychedelic culture, he embarked on a long musical journey as a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist and expanded into media art when he saw the possibility of bringing the sound and moving image together. Mixing electronic music, psychedelic rock and field recordings for his musical research Pierre Ajavon hinges his musical thought on postmodern visual aesthetics which draw references from psychoanalysis, surrealism, psychedelia and the pop-art artistic movement. Pierre Ajavon lives in Paris (France) and exhibits internationally.