Bologna In Lettere 2020 – Arte-fatti Contemporanei – Sylvia Toy – Goodbye



SPECIFICATIONS Color/Stereo, 03:07, 2020

SYNOPSIS This video is a summary of a narcissistic mother. The text is composed of statements my mother made to me up to the time of her death.

AUTHOR Sylvia Toy St. Louis San Francisco, California U.S.A. Born 1951

BIO I am a middle-class Black American housewife who greenscreens performance art movies and makes animation in my livingroom. My practice is based on improvisational acting and storytelling. I have screened internationally in visual arts venues since 2008 & on the film festival circuit since 2014. I am pleased to have received some special recognition: Senses of Cinema Top Films of 2019; Golden Leaf for Best Animated Feature Film, Hazel Eye Film Festival (2019); Best Fx Design, FICOCC #13 (2018); Grand Jury Award (2016) & Gold Award (2018), L.A.N.N.E.F.F. Nominations: Best Editing, Austin Arthouse Film Festival (2018); Best Director (2017), Creative Arts Film Festival. Hon. Mention: Cinematography (2017), Creative Arts Film Festival.]

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