Bologna in Lettere 10th – Kent Tate – Catalyst

Bologna in Lettere 10th

BĂBÉL stati di alterazione


Azione 7

International review of poetry and video-art



A cura di Maria Korporal, Enzo Campi



Kent Tate


Première video Mercoledì 27 ottobre ore 21.30

sul canale youtube del Festival



Synopsis: Being natural born pattern seekers, we are forever looking for this clue or that clue to help explain what otherwise might appear unfathomable. Fundamentally Catalyst represents a type of diary without dates, of memories reconstructed to formulate my story. A story that takes place in time and space, shaped by the earth and sky.



Kent Tate Bio: Kent Tate is a Canadian artist/filmmaker whose work explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through Tate’s work to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his projects are held in dynamic balance. Tate has received awards, grants, and artist residencies for his projects which have been exhibited internationally at film/new media festivals, symposiums, group screenings/exhibitions and solo gallery exhibitions/tours.