Bologna in Lettere 10th – Martin Del Carpio – I, Dreaming


Bologna in Lettere 10th

 Azione 9

International review of poetry & video art

a cura di Maria Korporal, Eugenia Dobrova, Ani Bradea

Francesca Del Moro, Anna Maria Curci, Enzo Campi






Martin Del Carpio

I, Dreaming









Synopsis written by Nikola Gocić:

“A young man finds himself lost in the empty streets on the other side of sleep. Initially alone, he is soon faced with a hostile entity who appears familiar, despite hiding behind the mask. Will he be able to escape and wake up or will he fall prisoner of an evanescent world?”





Born in Venezuela but raised in New York, where he currently lives, Martin Del Carpio is an artist marked by experimentation, the search of new concepts, sounds and visuals, by a fascination with visuals and the journey that art takes us on. Martin’s desire to bend the rules and explore reaches a peak in recent years with his creative works. Aside from music, Martin has worked on numerous experimental film projects of his own such as Auricular Confession, Mother’s Milk, I…dreaming and LOS. In the future, he plans to continue experimenting with sound and visuals, taking us on a journey to places still unexplored.