Bologna in Lettere 2021 – Finn Harvor – Death is not a Figure

Bologna in Lettere 2021

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Finn Harvor

Death is not a Figure



Synopsis: An authorial videopoem about life cycles and their end. The poem takes the conceit of death as a “figure” — that is, a negative and threatening presence — and replaces it with something more amorphous, natural, and cyclical.


Bio: Award-winning artist, writer, musician, filmmaker. Articles in many journals including the Brooklyn Rail and Canadian Notes and Queries. Have presented to academic conferences in Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Berlin, Seoul, Osaka, and elsewhere. Selected by festivals in Korea, Ireland, the U.K., the US, China (Hong Kong), Kazakhstan, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, and India. I’m particularly interested in the following themes: nature and the anthropocene, addiction and family dynamics (my late brother’s story), and technology and contemporary war. I usually make videopoems that I term authorial movies; these are movies in which one person creates — authors — all elements of the movie.