Bologna in Lettere 10th – David King – Imaginarium of the Unknown Traveler

Bologna in Lettere 10th

Azione 9

International review of poetry & video art

a cura di Maria Korporal, Eugenia Dobrova, Ani Bradea

Francesca Del Moro, Anna Maria Curci, Enzo Campi







David King

Imaginarium of the Unknown Traveler









Short Biography


David King is an award-winning writer, filmmaker and video artist who also dabbles in experimental photography. He was a member of the legendary Melbourne Filmmakers’ Co-op in the 1970’s and had a varied career as freelance cameraman, radio advertising copywriter-producer, radio and television scriptwriter for the ABC, and journalist for newspapers, magazines and the early internet. His no-budget feature film PURGE was picked up by Troma Entertainment, New York for world-wide distribution.  His experimental shorts have screened at galleries, museums and festivals around the world including the Australian National Museum in Sydney and the Museum of Experimental Art in Mexico City. He has been a judge on film and photography festival juries in Australia and currently curates the Exploratory Visions program of animation, experimental and avant garde films whose current home  is The Screening Room, Salto 1 TV, The Netherlands, and the Eclectic Dreams international video art program whose home is on Visual Container TV, Milan, Italy. He is a strong believer in the adage that age makes a better artist, and that ‘dying young and leaving a pretty corpse’ is a terrible waste of talent.


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