Bologna in Lettere 2019 – Pesi e Contrappesi – Colin Herd / Alessandro Brusa

Bologna in Lettere 2019


Sabato 11 maggio ore 18.00

CostArena, Via Azzo Gardino 48, Bologna





Pesi & Contrappesi

Dialoghi, monologhi, pregnanze e facezie tra un autore e un critico

Colin Herd / Alessandro Brusa





desire was strongest for the gap in

between when, with my finger

on the button i would hear

the very familiar buzz. i

love that faint whurr

and my anticipation

of the assertive

click-click. desire,

through a conviction

that it wouldn’t ever be

fulfilled, focused on the

act of rewinding, a repetitive

act, passive, lonely and, because

i would lie there for hours, i surefootedly

can say i was in the throes of a kind of erotically-

charged boredom. it is surely not difficult to speculate

why i so fixated on this act. i was obscenely obsessed

with my own self-pity, always going back to the start

and playing it through again. schopenhauer said

that boredom is just the reversal of fascination,

that both depend on being on the outside of

something rather than the inside, and that

one leads to the other. i certainly felt ‘on

the outside’ and as i rewound pop

songs on cassette tapes my

intense boredom and

equally strong



outstripped each

other like long-distance

runners. when one dropped

back, the other steamed on. or

like dough kneaded full of air and

knocked back to deflation, and then

re-kneaded, and so on. i wasn’t doing

this through a conviction that i’d find back-

tracked satanic messages that had been leading me

and others so frighteningly astray a la the band ‘cradle

of filth’. (scratch that, maybe i was. up in my room rewinding

tapes, i think i must have been looking for messages, my

desire so used to pointing outwards fruitlessly towards

guys at school that i would be willing to find some

kind of response anywhere, be it spooky as you

like.) i’m not sure whether it comes across

for anyone else but when typing this out i

sometimes felt as though i was back

listening compulsively to that buzz

again, caught up in conflicting

senses of possibility and

boring inevitability.



Da Too Ok (BlazeVox, 2011)





Colin Herd è poeta e docente di Scrittura Creativa all’Università di Glasgow. Tra le sue opere ricordiamo Too Ok (BlazeVox, 2011), Glovebox (Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2013), Click & Collect (Boiler House Press, 2017), Swamp Kiss (Red Ceilings Press, 2018). La nuova silloge You name it è in uscita per i tipi di Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Nel 2016 è stato tra gli organizzatori di Outside-in / Inside-out: A Festival of Outside and Subterranean Poetry. Nel 2014 “tug design” è stata proposta per i Forward Prizes. Nel 2018 è stato incluso da Roddy Woomble in “Best Scottish Poems”.


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