Bologna in Lettere 2020 – Arte-fatti contemporanei – Sonia Laura Armaniaco – Non sono un algoritmo


sonia laura armaniaco (∑=§)

Title: Non Sono Un Algoritmo – 2018 – 01:45 color

Country: Italy

Syn: I pregiudizi dell’algoritmo e Previsione Comportamentale.



Sonia Laura Armaniaco or §vonica is an audiovisual artist who sometime lives and work in Italy, otherwise where her laptop brings her. She has shown her works worldwide since 1988, since then her art research is on visual and sound, with audiovisual installation, multidisciplinary live performance, video art and discreet vj performances in Europe and in the United States. Music was her first passion, because of this she has sympathy for her right side of the brain, and because it works non linearly she loves the kind of “editing” that happens in dreams. She considers dreams as investigation territories and cut\ups working, always looking for accidental beauty.

Her latest works on video could be found at: svonica