Bologna in Lettere 10th – Ana Pantić – Good Machines (Dobre mašine)

Bologna in Lettere 10th



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Ana Pantić

Good Machines (Dobre mašine)





The poetry film Good Machines, composed of only two clips, enlightens subconscious thoughts processes activated by everyday mechanical actions, questioning the role of human-machine interactions.



Ana Pantić – Biography
A poet and poetry film maker from Belgrade, Serbia.
Graduated from Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology.
Writing poems, short stories, screenplays, and recently has written the first novel.
Creating poetry videos and films, both in collaborations and on her own. Her poetry films have been presented and awarded at film festivals worldwide.
She is an active performer at poetry events in Belgrade including slam poetry, spoken word and poetry performance events. Her poems were published in the first Serbian Collection of Slam Poetry “Tebi u lice”.
Interested in researching versatile modes of expressing poetry, she believes that poetry video and film as a challenging form intertwining literary and visual arts, open a wide space for experimenting and expanding art forms boundaries.
She was also acting in many theatrical shows all around Serbia as a member of an independent theatre group for about ten years. 
Paints and draws when lacks words.



Director Statement

I believe that poetry is the most essential mode of literary expression and that the video as a powerful means of visual arts with a wide range of experimenting opportunities is its natural companion. Joined, they bring together a unique form empowered by elements from the different art fields.
Also, I am positive that poetry film or video is one of the most appropriate art forms of contemporary times.




Good Machines


Good machines

will wash us well

iron us well

fold us well

polish us well

to shine well

to tread bad roads well


to eat bad fruit well

full and insatiable 

Good good machines


Good machines 

will enlighten us well 

blow our minds well

stretch us well

harness us well

vacuum us well

to see nothing 

but good machines 

deaf and blind

well wrapped up into machines 

to be nothing 

but good machines 


Good good machines




Dobre mašine


Dobre mašine

Dobro će nas oprati

Dobro ispeglati

Dobro zategnuti

Dobro ispolirati

Da dobro sijamo

Dobro gazimo loše puteve


Da dobro jedemo loše plodove

Siti i nezasiti


Dobre dobre mašine


Dobre mašine

Dobro će nas opametiti

Dobro raspametiti

Dobro rastegnuti

Dobro utegnuti

Da ništa

osim dobrih mašine ne prepoznamo

Gluvi i slepi

Da ništa

osim dobrih mašina ne budemo


Dobre dobre mašine