Bologna in Lettere 10th – Hernando Urrutia

Bologna in Lettere 10th



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Hernando Urrutia

olhAR-TE tocAR-TE desde a Lua

(Look at you touch you from the moon)





  • Synopsis


Looking at touching you from the moon, it is based on the worlds of ephemeral spaces and its encounter with the humanization that is given to the elements that lack it, specifically on the natural satellite of the Earth the Moon, which in its poetics end up taking life and as such actions, which are within a system that creates connections between different individuals and their worlds, whether internal or external, between beings or elements that become beings with human qualities. It is the monitoring from the remotest distance to each individual who carries their identification code, where it obviously leads to control and the unique identity of each being, taken to numerical algorithms, as a factor in the identification and control process, which can be derived in a means of censorship in the future, losing the autonomy and freedom of each individual.




  • Short Biography


HERNANDO URRUTIA born 1964, Portuguese nationality. Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, Curator and Cultural Manager. Portuguese nationality, Ph.D. in Digital Media-Art. Collaborating Researcher at CIAC. Researcher invited by M-ITI. International Curator (Selection and Award Jury) of LANDSCAPE 2022 II Edition, in Italy. Member of the International Scientific Committee (International Special Guest) at OVER THE REAL VIDEOART FESTIVAL – VI Edition (2021) Italy. Curator of the Pavilion “TRANSGRESSION art + technology” (Portugal) of the 5TH INTERNATIONAL EDITION OF THE WRONG BIENNALE – 2021-2022, in Spain. Founder, Director, Producer and Curator of EXPERIMENTA – Audio-visual Transformation (International Video Art Exhibition) and IMAGE PLAY – International Video Art Festival, in Portugal. Director of the projects: + Sound Art Project; INexTERNO; DIGITAL Communication Processes; Urban Som; Ha-Ser Contemporary Art Foundation; + PROJECTION AC – Projection of Contemporary Art in Public Space; LINE Art Project; + Art Contemporary; Sound Research and Experimentation Group “Celacanto – Sound Art”. Founder, Director of the Project MAD 01 – Digital Art Museum 01 and FX DIGITAL ART- Digital Art Exhibition in Public Space, Funchal – Portugal, among others. He has completed 101 post-graduate training courses trainings and 2 artistic residencies. Curator in 31 artistic projects. He has received Awarded 213 Acknowledgements and 8 prizes. He has been exhibiting professionally since 1986, participating in several projects and more than 400 group exhibitions and 17 solo exhibitions in 36 countries. He is represented in more than 202 important Public Collections and in more than 180 Private Collections in countries such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Scotland, Spain, United States of America, France, Greece, Holland, England, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Porto Rico, Serbia, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela.