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Tamara Lai. Italian-Belgian – Lives in Belgium.

Video director, Tamara Lai turned to digital techniques in 1993: multimedia interactive, computer graphics and special effects, and the writing of interactive novels, stories and poetry (CD-Roms). Early web activist and network artist (1997), her research focuses on Net art / Web Art (sites, performances cam _ & _ cat, video conferences …), and especially the creation of participative digital spaces. Tamara Lai creates videos and media works using a poetic and often metaphorical syntax. These works appear as dreamlike images where fiction and reality meet. Sound, rhythm and movement still play a key role. Her poetry, close to automatic writing, often operates a dangerous slip between the Self and the Other, in a deep introspection. Over more than 35 years of artistic activity, Tamara Laï has produced around forty videos, over twenty websites gathered in the “Tell A Mouse” web ring, a dozen shows/video performances, cam_&_chat and multimedia, four interactive works on cd-rom, a collection “@ TENDRE ”(2006) bringing together twenty poems. She has also contributed to many collaborative / participatory Net art projects carried out by artists from different countries. Her works “between happening and ephemeral art”, have been part of the official selections of festivals and international events worldwide.






Video Poem & Music.

The music and the poems were created around 2000. The musicians performed separately, none knowing what the other was doing. The poems were written as a virtual dialog. Direction, Image, Editing: Tamara LAI Music Composed & Performed by Emanuel Dimas De Melo Pimenta (PT) Fast Forward (NY, USA) Bruce Gremo (NY, USA) Tom Hamilton (NY, USA) Peter Zummo (NY, USA) Recorded by Tom Hamilton (NY, USA)

Poems Joe Brenner (USA) Tamara LAI

© Tamara LAI – THALAMUS Prod. (Liège, BE)

The musicians (USA & PT) EU 2015