Bologna in Lettere 10th – Duo Strangloscope – Leopard man study

Bologna in Lettere 10th


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Duo Strangloscope

(Cláudia Cárdenas & Rafael Schlichting – Brasile)



Leopard man study






The metamorphosis from human to animal no longer symbolizes a return to the wild nature. It is impossible to turn back to a natural paradise, fantasized by the human thought. The human being is it’s own predator.


A metamorfose de humano para animal já não simboliza um retorno à natureza selvagem. É impossível a volta a um paraíso natural fantasiado pelo pensamento humano. O ser humano é seu próprio predador.




Cláudia Cárdenas & Rafael Schilchting are Duo Strangloscope.  Duo Strangloscope’s films have been always focused entirely on movement, rhythm, and composition, and we have abandoned the focus on narrative. It is fraught with conscious ambiguities, encourages multiple interpretations, and marshals paradoxical and contradictory techniques and subject-matter to create a work that requires the active participation of the viewer. Experimental films are films that push the boundaries of conventional film making. The experimental aspect could be new and different ways of working with the camera, using lighting, playing with audio effects, scripting, performing or even acting. We started developing our own experimental films because of our interest in working with digital forms, trying to give them some texture by increasing the use of pixels, enlarging the images in its own digital materiality and then mixing digital with films in order to create a mutant skin.