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Krasi Dimtch


Thoughts are wonders







Krasi Dimtch is a Canadian-Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist who creates visual, textual, and sound artworks that encode linguistic contents and explore the structures of Language viewed as a repository of ideas. Krasi was born in Bulgaria and holds a master’s degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. Her study of the relationship between Thought and Language led to the formulation of patented methods for language generation (CIPO – Patent 2704163) as well as the creation of custom software for generating sentences and representing them as non-identical visual and sound patterns. The artist manually creates her unique, highly personal interpretations of verbalized thoughts, by using sounds instead of alphabet letters, a mouse instead of paintbrush and computer-generated images instead of acrylic paints and words.  Her textual artworks are the result of one-of-a-kind transformations of sequences of English synonyms into thesauri poems and semantic equations.  Krasi Dimtch has exhibited in galleries in Canada, USA, Asia and Europe. Examples of her art can be seen at



Thoughts are wonders

Animation, music and poetry by Krasi Dimtch


In the beginning, the smile of Eternity emerges manifesting itself as the semantic equation “Life + Death = Eternity”.  The smile is then transformed into a joyful procession of virtual creatures moving chaotically in different directions. On their way on, the creatures encounter road signs encouraging them to “live” and reminding them that although “reality is absurd”, “nothing is impossible” in “the house of thought”. The essence of their collective journey is summarized by melodic and spoken sounds representing the words: on the road to nonexistence where existence walks, targets titter in their coffins, setbacks pose as aims, triumphs and pleasures leave no traces… on the road to nonexistence thoughts are wonders to be wasted, death is nonexistent. Finally, all virtual wonders, thoughts, sounds, and creatures achieve immortality by becoming part of the eternal darkness at the end.